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Abandonment, Reimagined 

- as freedom to grow

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poet album pic 3.jpg
poet album pic 3.jpg

Spoken Word Album

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Dear friend, hi from The Hamptons in New York.

In true Covid-style, I’m writing you from my bedroom closet I turned into a recording space that – fittingly lets the buzzing of airplanes flying over, in, and onto the background noise of the poetry album.

Fitting, because, from the first time I could afford a plane ticket, I have gotten onto airplane after airplane to avoid sitting by myself and deal with my past.    

But at age 26, 8000 miles later, I finally stopped, found the nearest mirror and asked out loud -

What good is a girl who wants to save the world, but can’t stand up for her own rights first?


It has become the question that my book, my songs and my poetry is born out of.

My hope for this collection of 19 poems – is that it can be a companion to young people who have to ask themselves the question – are my parents lovingly disciplining me, or is this abuse? And if so, what do I do next?

This is my reflection of leaving an abusive home at 15, the beauty and pain about finding a new tribe, and the truth about the anger- and healing, that has followed me into my adult life. 


If you have wrestled abusive relationships yourself, I hope you find validation in my words. And if you think there’s someone in your life that is dealing with parent-child related problems – I ask that you help me start this important conversation by sharing the album with them or on your social media platforms.


I am grateful to have you on this hard but hope-filled journey with me. I’ll leave you with a quote.

My Guru said to me: “tell the truth, and don’t get angry.”

But the truth is, I am angry. – Ram Dass


All my love,


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