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Let your imagination teleport you to New York City and the long list of unexpected places, where "Private Poetry" author, Lyla Illing penned her first collection of poems. Live in her world for a moment - and feel the rush, as her love-affair-flashbacks attack, in isolated spaces. You see, it's easy to avoid dealing with the feelings of heartbreaks and losses, when you're always on the go, but there's very little you can do when they sneak up on you in places where time stands still - in the insides of airplanes to Los Angeles, on subway rides between the World Trade Center and Time Square, in a tourist bus driving down Rodeo Drive. And now you're the girl who cries in public places. 

When you embark on a journey, as drastic as a move across the globe, as she did - you tend to do so, thinking that it will be the perfect escape from everything that ever went wrong in your life. The perfect escape from ever having to deal with those unresolved feelings and pain again. But the truth is, that when you do something as drastic as embarking on a move across the globe, you find yourself alone often, forced into dealing with those deepest, darkest, scariest realities - in unexpected ways, in the most unexpected places, and that is something no one could ever have prepared you for. It is torturous, and it is necessary, but when you've finally grieved them all out, one monster at a time, you almost wish to go back, just so you can play fist-fight with those demons, in exciting unknown places, all over, again.

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"We were fire"


"He did another line"

"When you've lost your mother"

To be continued ...

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