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About the host:

Shaun Petersen was born in Lavender Hill – Cape Town – South Africa in 1979 on April 27.

He had a rough upbringing growing up without his dad, raise by his single Mom. He won’t make excuses for his area of living as it is overrun with gangsters and drugs. Being born there he have overcome the impossible yet it is possible to stay away from all that is bad. Some of his friends weren’t so lucky as they lost there lives to drugs and gangs.

He currently has 4 jobs which is coaching soccer at two YMCA community center’s, Simply Sports Football Club and doing dog walking at Throw me a Bone. He is working hard so he can help his family and give back to his community – Lavender Hill

This letter is on behalf of the Lavender Hill Football Club & Steenberg High School, he is trying to host a soccer tournament next year in his local community to uplift the youth. The aim of the tournament is to see what talent we have in our communities and to give them the opportunity to raise above all the gangsterism, drugs and killings. 

He would like to bring a group of U12 primary and U16 high schools boys to the USA to play in a tournament in New York City 2020. To show that with a little help anyone can achieve greatness!! 

So with your help we hope to accomplish and build a better community by using soccer to bring the youth together and away from the norm(gangs & drugs)!!

About the tournament:

Date: 27/28 April 2019 Venue: Steenberg High School Time: 9am
Registration: 1 February 2019


Freedom Day Soccer Tournament 27 April 2019


9am-11am Soccer Training: Agility training for all ages Skill and Drills

12pm: Lunch


13pm-17pm Soccer tournament 20m:

U10/U11 : 4teams 8v8 with goalie

U12/U14 : 4 teams 8v8 with goalie

U16/U18 : 4teams 11v11 with goalie


U10/U11 : 4teams 8v8 with goalie

U 12/U14 : 4 teams 8v8 with goalie



Awards Ceremony:


Best goalie

High goal score

Best Sportsmanship

Fee: Free
We would like to display your advertising material at prominent places in return for your sponsorship, resources or funds. We would also be willing to have your logo on the jerseys of participant. I am sure that this agreement would be one that is mutually beneficial to both parties involved.

Any help will be highly appreciated.
We are looking for sponsors or donations or Soccer Equipment!!

If you are willing to help, please contact:
Cheslyn Hempe: +27 71 936 6475 South Africa
Shaun Petersen: +1 347 844 1221 USA

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