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“14 miles is far away from home, I’d be too scared to be that far away from home.” These are the words of a brainwashed teen-Amish girl that still haunts me a year after I visited Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Words she said in fear of being shunned from her community and farm she has never stepped foot off. Amish youths are denied an education past 8th grade, and face consequences of being shunned if they choose to leave the Amish cult in pursuit of education and a life of independent thinking. There is no support structure in place for those who choose to leave, they are as good as dead to their families. As a result, less than 3% of Amish youths ever leave the cult.

The Amish cult is 300 000 strong in North America, yet after a year of searching for answers and help for these youths I have only managed to connect with a handful of survivors with success stories, and who are fighting back. 

I wrote this song “I’m not coming home” to raise awareness and celebrate those who are fighting back, and I ask that if you can, to please make a donation so we can provide a support structure for these kids who choose to leave the cult in search of education and freedom.

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All my love,

“I’m not coming home” song – Shunned Amish Project

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