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music for people-

who are brave enough to stop, acknowledge their past traumas and are ready to grow from them

on my personal platforms I make


brands who have trusted

me with their stage

  • JFK International Airport for Jet Blu Concerts

  • RFK Stadium for an internationally televised anthem performance

  • Wall Street Rooftop for Ubuntu Pathways Fundraiser

  • National Crime Victim's Rights Week Concert 

  • Bronx Borough Hall for The New York State Long Term Care Ombudsman

  • Hard Rock Cafe Johannesburg

  • Cafe' Wha? / The Bitter End / The West End / Treehaus Mima on 42nd Street

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ny state.png
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NYC web fest.jpeg

It is my dream to be an opening act for a touring artist, here are five reasons I'd make a good pick

  1. I have a lot of self-awareness regarding my sound, message & target audience.

  2. I'll shoot & edit behind-the-scenes video content for my teammates.

  3. I've moved 28 times in my life, I love being on the road & on the go.

  4. I've PA'd for many celebrities, I enjoy it and am proactive/reliable.

  5. I made this "Tour Songs" playlist of tracks I'm already rehearsing to perform. 

solo concert-goer

I spent the summer of 2021 attending concerts of my music inspirations. Check out my 8 episode vlog of my journey and the lessons I learned along the way


what's next?

I am building my portfolio of personalized music for film & TV, brands and anyone who wants their story transformed into their own personal anthem. 

So far I have had the opportunity to

  • Compose and produce jingles for brands to use in their adverts

  • Write a song to accompany footage of Philadelphia Film Society's Oscars party

  • Create the music for NYC Web Fest's award show

  • Score orchestral music to accompany a poem written by renowned poet/author, In-Q

  • Compose & produce podcast intro theme songs

  • Write & perform wedding songs

  • Write an activism song for a Gender-Based Violence protest "music video"

  • Compose a song for the opening scene of a new TV series (TBA)

Take me on tour

I have a lot to say about- 

Mental Health & Overcoming Abandonment. 

Toxic Relationships

I'd love to hear from you ...

Thanks for submitting!

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